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Employment Benefits

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We offer full range of employee benefits, please take a moment to review all the available benefits. If you require any additional benefits not listed below, please speak to a Specialist at (732) 238-2122 and we will work with you to provide any other benefits available in the Industry.

  • Flexible Salary Packages - Salaried or hourly (Full time or Split)
  • Health Insurance with Dental Insurance
  • Access to our Servers for Training
  • Free Sponsorship of H1B and Green Card (if needed)

Salary Payments

Salaries will be paid via direct deposit every Month.(Optional:Bi-Weekly)


We will pay overtime for all the hours actually worked beyond standard 40 hours and approved.

Health Insurance

We provide Insurance coverage by Major Carriers. Most of the plans provide nationwide and In Network Coverage. We request to read the details of coverage carefully and clarify any questions with our health insurance coordinator.