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Payroll for US workers

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Call  (800) 454-3936 or Send a request

Our Expert Billing and Collection Team will review contracts, Bill Clients on time and collect the payments for Invoices. Your Payroll is independant of collecting funds from the Client(s). We are fully funded to process payroll on time; you do not have to collect payments from Clients. It is our Job!

US Workers: If you are an Independant Contractor and receive 1099 Payments, talk to our Billing Specialist at (800) 454-3936. We have several W-2 Employment options. We will be more than happy to Process your payroll, withold Federal and State taxes, provide Health Insurance, 401K, Alimony, Flexible Spending Accounts etc. Read a Case Study

"Our Management fee is very low for US Workers"

Check Employment Benefits

  • Timesheet Management
  • Billing Transfers
  • Billing Clients
  • Collection of Invoices
  • Payroll Process (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly Options)
  • Employment Verifications

    Please note that you may not continue to receive 1099 Payments for more than 3 Months.