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H1B Transfer

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H1B Candidates: Infoway Software offers best packages for H1B candidates. We also offer full range of employee benefits, please take a moment to review Employment Benefits

We work on a SPLIT or Full Time basis to ensure you get top dollars in your pocket. We do not charge for filing of H1B and Green card. There are absolutely no surprises when we work on Split Basis.

Candidates on Projects:  We can work with the Client/Vendor to transfer your Project/Employment and our experience will ensure a smooth transition from your present Employer. You are not required to sign any Contracts with our Company, which may restrict you to move from our Company. It is our policy to provide proper employment/experience letters, should the employment terminate for any reason.

Candidates looking for a Project: Our Experienced Marketing Team will find you a rewarding project as quickly as possible. If you are already on a project; we follow a Pro-Active Marketing Method to find you a Project before you roll out. Our Client base is huge and our experienced marketing team guarantees you a placement.

  • Direct Clients and Indirect Clients
  • Partnerships with Top Preferred Vendors
  • US Based Marketing Team
  • US Based Account Managers
  • US Based Technical Recruiters
  • Excellent Professional/Social Networking
  • Connections with Hiring Managers and Recruiters
  • Employee Job Referrals
  • 24X7 Job Seeker Assistance
  • Own Job Boards
H1B Transfers: We will ensure timely initiation of H1B Petition to keep your H1B Non-Immigrant Status intact. We are very successful in obtaining H1B approvals, we are experienced and will ensure a smooth transition while Transferring/Extending your H1B . We are well versed with the H1B Employer-Employee Relationship Memo and we comply with the Laws.

* We have a system to maintain reporting and other H1B employer-employee relationship functions

  • Hassle Free H1B Transfer Process
  • Comply with H1B Regulations Read More
  • Over 10 Years of Combined Experience in handling H1B Visas
  • Maintain H1B Employer-Employee Relationship
  • Maintain H1B/LCA Public Access Files
  • Comply with USCIS and USDOL Regulations
What are the benefits if I transfer my H1B visa?
  • There is no expense to you for H1B Transfer
  • 24X 7 Phone, Email Assistance
  • We answer and return all phone Calls/Emails. Our Internal staff will be fired if a Request is pending for more than 24 Hours
  • Free Greencard Process from Day-One
  • Opportunity to work with an American owned Established Employer
  • Timely Payroll Process for all Employees. No waiting for Clients to Pay
  • Direct Clients and an Excellent Domestic Marketing Team

H1B Visa Stamping at Consulate: Our experience and proper documentation ensures you secure an H1B Visa stamping after you begin your Employment. Our Immigration manager will work with you in-order to facilitate a smooth H1B visa stamping process at a US Consulate.

H1B Various Q & A          H1B Transfer FAQs          H1B Checklist

PERM, GC Process

  • Hassle Free PERM, I-140, I-485 Process
  • Over 10 Years of Combined Experience in handling Employment based Green Cards. EB2, EB3 Categories
  • Comply with USDOL Regulations for PERM Process
  • Assist in filing AC21 while moving from another Employer
  • Efficiently handle I-140 Portability from Previous Employer approved I-140
  • Efficiently handle I-140 upgrade from EB3 to EB2 Categories
  • Send a no RFE I-140 Package to USCIS
  • Monitor Visa bulletin and send updates for I-485 Process
  • Comply with USCIS Regulations